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Community Steps Up to Help Abused Dog, Permanent Home Still Needed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An abused dog is closer to a permanent home tonight, thanks to First Coast News viewers who have stepped in to help.

The dog has been saved from drowning and now, from euthanasia.

Cheryl Tveras was driving home from work last week in San Marco when she noticed a dog limping on the side of the road. When she tried to corner him to take him to the vet, the dog panicked and jumped into the St. Johns River.

"The fact that he was alive was amazing because he was treading water for about a half hour and it was freezing," Tveras recalled.

After a group of men rescued the dog from the river, Cheryl received more heartbreaking news from Animal Control.

"She said, 'Cheryl he wasn't hit by a car, he was hit by a person,'" Tveras said. "'And with a shovel.'"

Tveras said although many people have reached out, including Miramar Animal Hospital, which has offered to take care of the dog's vaccinations and veterinary needs pro bono, he still doesn't have a home.

"I love animals and I've rescued a couple dogs," said Kevin Bush. The dog faced euthanasia in the shelter, so Bush is giving him a temporary home until he can be adopted by someone else.

Tveras and Bush don't want to officially name the dog; they want to leave that for his new owner.

For now, they're calling him Chance because he's getting a second one.

"The dog is recovering now, and being treated for his wounds," Tveras said. "He desperately needs a home. I am hoping to find someone who will love and care for this animal that has been so mistreated."

If you would like to adopt Chance please call Cheryl Tveras, 904-626-0552.  


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