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Jacksonville Hotel Drying Out After Guest Causes Flooding

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  The Jaguars big win on Sunday may have indirectly caused some big losses for a Southbank hotel. The Hilton Garden Inn is closed due to flooding and a guest is to blame.

Crews tasked with sopping up the water said an unhappy Colts fan took out his frustrations on the hotel.

It was a kick that brought joy to the hearts of Jags fans everywhere on Sunday and dowsed the hopes of the normally division-leading Colts, but it may have drenched more than hopes.

The Hilton Garden Inn on Jacksonville's Southbank is drying out tonight after a Colts fan took out his frustrations with a torrent of water.

The signs on the Hilton doors say no reservations or walk-ins.  The hotel had to be evacuated early Monday morning after several floors were flooded. 

Cleaning crews and their equipment have been working hard to dry out the hotel.

"It's an unfortunate situation," said Crowne Plaza Hotel General Manager Shawn Frisbee.

Crowne Plaza downtown took in 50 of the Hilton Garden Inn's displaced guests.

"It's a tight-knit hotel community and it feels good that you can help out in a time of need from that perspective," said Frisbee.  

Managers at the Hilton wouldn't comment on the guest who started all this but told First Coast News in a written release that someone tampered with a stand pipe valve in the 5th floor stairwell and the volume of water resulted in flooding of the 5th floor and the floors below.

The Wyndham and the Hyatt also accommodated those guests which gives a boost to their business.

Hilton management said JSO is investigating and it hopes to re-open in a couple of days. 










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