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JEA Makes Wrong Disconnect at Tenant's Expense

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Haley Johnson is a guitar tech with the rock band, 38 Special.

But what happened to him is worse than a bad note, he said. "I walked into my place and it smelled like death and destruction," said Johnson.

Johnson lives in Tivoli apartments on Sunbeam Road. This week he came home from a road trip to a strong stench in his apartment.

"The most horrendous smell I can even imagine. It was just death and destruction and all my fish, everything I had was gone," he said.

The JEA had turned off his electricity and caused everything in his salt water tank to die, he said. "There was live coral, crab, star fish and living on its own."

And it caused the food in his refrigerator to spoil.

"It was the most incredible funk I ever smelled in my life; all my chicken, my son's food, it was all gone," said Johnson.

The problem is the apartment's meters are criss-crossed and mislabeled on the apartment building's panel. 

"This is my meter and this is the meter they were disconnecting; these are backwards," said Johnson.

JEA thought it was disconnecting the service to apartment 802, he said; Johnson lives in 805.

"They were shutting down this apartment...they had the wrong one and they shut my power off instead," he said. 

The apartment manager would not comment.

Johnson said what he really wants to know is who is responsible for that mistake. "It is wrong," he said.

JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce said the JEA is not liable. "Meter boxes are installed and labeled by the property owner's electrician. We are working with maintenance to correct the labeling of the meters so this doesn't happen again." 

Tivoli is managed by the Michaelson Group. CEO Mike Moses said, "This apparently was a mistake on the part of JEA. We are not the company that takes care of the meters and labels the meters this is JEA."

Johnson did not have renters insurance.


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