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Justice Coalition MakesPlea for Help from Public

The Justice Coalition is in a financial crisis and may be forced to close its doors after 15 years of helping innocent victims of violent crime.  The Justice Coalition staff and Board of Directors will be joined by innocent victims of violent crime, Sheriff John Rutherford, and community leaders as they make a public plea for help to save the non-profit organization that has helped so many victims throughout the years.  The Justice Coalition was itself a victim earlier this year, when their bookkeeper and office manager stole more than a hundred thousand dollars from the organization.  She pleaded guilty and is currently serving a three-year prison sentence.

Founded in 1995, the Justice Coalition is a grass-roots organization seeking rights for victims in the criminal justice system.  Founder Ted M. Hires, Sr. discovered when he and his staff were brutally victimized by armed robbers that the victims of crime had virtually no place in the process of dispensing justice.  He created the Justice Coalition to help victims of violent crime throughout Northeast Florida.  The Coalition keeps the public informed and involved through its monthly newspaper, “The Victims’ Advocate.”  The Coalition, its founder, and some of the members have won numerous local and national awards stemming from their activities in the area of community involvement.  The FBI honored Ted Hires with the Director’s Award for Community Leadership, bestowed by Director Louis Freeh, in 1997.

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