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PrepChefs to Support Sulzbacher Center's Aftercare Program

When Qennita Taylor graduates from the Sulzbacher Center and moves into her new apartment with her four children, she won’t have to worry about where her first week’s worth of dinners will come from.  PrepChefs will provide Ms. Taylor with her first seven days worth of dinners as part of the company’s new ”Freezer Full of Food” initiative with the Sulzbacher Center.

The Sulzbacher Center offers aftercare case management to families moving out of the center.  Designed to help families transition back into the community and to help insure that their new found stability is maintained, the aftercare program helps families find suitable housing and provides the assistance of a case manager for up to a year.  Through its “Freezer Full of Food” program, PrepChefs will assist those families during their first week of transition by making sure there is a week’s worth of dinners available to the family.  On Thursday, December 16 at 5:00, Qennita Taylor will be the first recipient of the new program.  PrepChefs owner, Brian DeAlexandris, will make the delivery personally to Ms. Taylor at her apartment (1646 West 45th Street, #127).

“We are so excited to be part of the Sulzbacher’s aftercare program,” said DeAlexandris.  “What we try to do is exactly what Qennita and other graduates will need: an easy, way to prepare and serve a fresh, healthy meal to her family despite having a busy schedule. Our whole goal is to help families gather around the dinner table, even if it’s just one more time a week.  We can help her do that by freeing up the time it would take to shop, prepare and cook the meal.  We’re proud of Qennita and we’re proud to help her and her family in this important step.”

Said Sara Dougherty, spokesperson for the Sulzbacher Center, “Brian originally approached us to provide meals for the entire shelter, but the aftercare program matches so perfectly with what PrepChefs does, this was a better fit.  It’s a huge benefit to the families to have food provided for them when they move in.  We’re excited about our partnership.”

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