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Papa's Radio
Papa's Radio

Some of my earliest memories I have of my Grandfather are of him in his wood shop in the garage of my grandparents house.  Papa was always making something and I just loved being down there, hanging out with him.  I remember the smells of sawdust and wood glue.  I remember he was always in his overalls and had at least two thick charcoal pencils in his chest pocket at all times.  There was always a saw of some sort going and loudly playing over the sound of the saw was the melodious tunes coming from his old radio.  

He had numerous radios throughout his house always playing big band music and talk radio on the AM dial.  When my Grandma passed away and Papa moved out of their home of 40+ years, our extended family came to pack up the house and Papa told us to take what we wanted.  At that time, her dishes were passed down to me.  Then, when Papa passed away a couple years later and the family was packing up his things, I then inherited one of Papa's radios.  To this day, Papa's radio stays in my kitchen and is played religiously everyday while I make dinner for my own family.

I remember a small wooden sculpture of his being in his woodshop.  It simply stated his name "Papa".  It may have been super simple and not very ornate, but to me it was a reminder of who he was.  Papa's sculpture sits on top of Papa's radio and is a great reminder of the days when you would turn the dial to a new radio station instead of "creating" a new station on Pandora or a new playlist in iTunes.  

This August 20th,  in honor of National Radio Day, put your iPod down and take the earbuds out of your ears and tune in to your favorite radio station for the day.

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