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Electrical Generation Project at Wolf Creek Landfill Begins

Sustainable Energy Solutions LLC ("SES"), a developer, owner, and operator of renewable energy projects, has begun construction on a 2.8 Megawatt Landfill Gas-to-Electricity Generation Facility at Wolf Creek Landfill, located in Dry Branch, Georgia.

The project is scheduled to begin producing electricity in Fall 2011. In addition to producing a long term source of Green Energy, this $4.5 million project will provide significant environmental benefits to the surrounding area. By voluntarily capturing the landfill gas produced at Wolf Creek Landfill and utilizing it as a fuel to produce Green Energy, the environmental benefits will be equivalent to removing 22,700 passenger vehicles from area highways, while providing enough electricity to power 1,650 homes.

SES, through its wholly owned subsidiary - SESCO Wolf Creek LFG, LLC - has entered into both an Interconnection Agreement with Oconee EMC and a Power Purchase Agreement with Green Power EMC for the project. The Power Purchase Agreement was facilitated by Green Power EMC on behalf of its member cooperatives.

"We are extremely pleased to begin construction on this exciting project," said Bill Gibbes, president of SES, "not only for being able to utilize this landfill gas resource to provide a long term source of Green Renewable Electricity for the citizens of Georgia, but more importantly, for the valuable partnerships with Oconee EMC, and Green Power EMC, as well as its subscribing member EMC's. In particular, I would like to thank Michael Whiteside of Green Power EMC for facilitating the power purchase agreement, as well as David Hartley of Oconee EMC, for guiding our technical staff through the interconnection requirements."

SES currently has four landfill gas-to-energy projects located in Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. Wolf Creek Landfill is owned and operated by Advanced Disposal Services, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Virginia Villatoro serves as general manager for Wolf Creek Landfill.


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