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Piece Peace Campaign Aims To Overcome Gun Violence

The PIECE PEACE campaign, inspired by MAD DADS and created by Brunet-García Advertising, aims to end the gun violence that has been endemic to Jacksonville and other urban communities across the nation.

To launch the campaign, the agency produced a powerful PSA video in collaboration with playwright Al Letson (words and performance) and Paul Figura (cinematography). MAD DADS provided the mission and inspiration. The video provides a starting point to spread the message of community, caring, vigilance and visibility for victims of gun violence and advocates of peace.

In August, a multiple shooting in Jacksonville's Brooklyn neighborhood left 11 people injured. Efforts to investigate the shooting were hampered by the culture of silence and fear that often permeates communities where guns, drugs and hopelessness are rampant. In the immediate aftermath of the crime, Brunet-García was inspired by the presence of MAD DADS members in the Brooklyn neighborhood. The organization’s boots-on-the-ground methods stirred the agency to help create a unified community voice for the effort.

“We are asking those individuals who have the wrong intention for gun use and who are not certified to own a gun to put down their piece for our peace,” says Donald Foy, MAD DADS Jacksonville chapter president.

MAD DADS of Jacksonville is the local chapter of a national organization that promotes safe neighborhoods, community engagement and the protection of youth and families. This holiday season and into the New Year, Brunet-García will help MAD DADS with activities promoting their mission to reduce gun violence in our community.

Visit www.facebook.com/piecepeacejax to view the video and learn more about MAD DADS and its mission or contact Donald Foy at 904-534-9493

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