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Young Children in Foster Care To Get In-Home Nurse Visits

Family Support Services of North Florida (FSS) is going above and beyond State of Florida standards by now providing in-home visits by a registered nurse to children in foster care, from newborns to age five, in Duval and Nassau counties. The nurse will also provide post-reunification services, conducting home visits up to six months after children are returned to their biological parents.

While FSS continues to meet state standards regarding all health care visits, such as having an initial health care assessment conducted with 72 hours of the child’s placement in licensed foster care and a 30-day follow-up doctor visit, the new nurse program will help improve the care provided to children in the child welfare system while improving the training and education provided to foster parents as well as group home staff and residents.

“FSS has added a registered nurse to our services to step-up the comprehensive medical, dental and mental health care we provide children in care, “ said Jim Adams, FSS CEO. “This new resource will help ensure that foster children are receiving the best possible care as FSS strives to provide a stronger system of care for foster children.”

Home-visits by the nurse are expected to help enhance health-related services for the children by identifying needed resources.

Core services to be provided by the FSS registered nurse are:

  • provide face-to-face advice, guidance and training to foster parents regarding medical, mental health and dental issues, including infant care needs, immunizations and nutrition
  • recommend referrals for services or needs
  • serve as a valuable resource to foster parents
  • provide health-related training to foster children in group homes, as well as group home staff, covering such topics as nutrition and hygiene
  • provide CPR and first aid training to foster parents at regularly scheduled foster parent training programs offered by FSS
  • offer home-nurse visits to reunified families for up to six months after their case closes and the child has been returned home

FSS is the lead agency for adoption, foster care, transitioning youth services and family preservation in Duval and Nassau counties.


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