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When is a 'lifetime warranty' lifetime?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Attebery's grew up in a generation of handshakes and kept promises; they've lived in their Avondale home 50 years and they try to keep it in shape.

May 1982 they invested in a texture coating to protect the walls of their two story home and around the window sills.

But now the coating that was suppose to last indefinitely is cracking, it is peeling; coming apart.

"I have a thick file inside,' Shirley Attebery said. "Trying to resolve this."

They purchased the product and service from a Sears contractor back then and was impressed with the selling point or written promise.

"We were pleased when it was applied," Attebery said. 

The clause that sealed the deal was simple, "We'll guarantee your home's exterior against chipping, flaking and peeling... as long as you own your home." 

"My understanding of that was that I would have no problems," Attebery said. 

Attebery said this is not the first time they've had a problem with peeling and cracking.

"It has peeled up a couple of times," Attebery said.

Her documents revealed that several years ago Sears repainted the affected area, but Attebery said this time they're being treated differently.

"Nothing is happening," Attebery said.

When they made the investment they thought it would last; they thought it would protect their home for as long as they live there, it hasn't.

"I would like to see all of the bad spots repaired and painted," said Attebery. "Not patched."

A spokesperson at Sears Coporate office, Chicago, said they will look into it and reach out to the Atteberys.

First For You:

While a 'lifetime warranty' is a promise, it is only as good as the company that is backing it.

There's no set legal definition of 'lifetime warranty' it can go various ways.

Before you buy get a definition of the word 'lifetime.'

Save your receipt and always file it with your warranty claim.


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