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Promoting fitness by walking to school

SAN MARCO, Fla. -- It's a day that has gone on for 16 years all around the world: International Walk and Bike to School Day. More than 40 countries participate in the day promoting health and wellness for kids and parents.

Hendricks Avenue Elementary School has encouraged students to walk to school for more than a decade. Julia Miller and her daughter Campbell were one of several families walking or biking Wednesday morning.

"The fitness is so important and if you can show your children what it means to stay fit and how important it is, hopefully you're setting a great example," says mom Julia Miller.

The school's PTA Health and Wellness committee members see more benefits than that. Walking to school also has a positive impact on the environment. It helps reduce the amount of pollution from cars. It's also fun. Fourth grader Campbell sees it as a time to spend with her mom.

"We got to walk all the way from our house to here, and it was just fun because we got to talk," says Campbell.

Her mom says it's good to see this spreading around the world.

"There are 42 countries as of 2011 that are participating in this, and I think it's huge. It just means everyone appears to be catching on, all over the world as to how important fitness is," says Julia.


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