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Customer looking for fur coat in consignment shop that is closed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Ron Kaminski, 75, has had his share of mistakes but said this is one he regrets.

"It it was a hundred dollars, I would have wrote it off as a bad experience," he said, "but being it was four thousand brand new."

Kaminski said last November, he decided to get rid of a fur coat, the remnant of a failed relationship.

"I bought it for a lady friend and we broke up and I ended up with the fur coat," he said.

Kaminski, who was living in the San Marco community, met the owner of the now closed consignment shop My Best Friend's Closet.

"She said it was such a beautiful coat she might be able to get me a good price," he said. "I said 'fine.'"

Kaminski said in December he moved from San Marco to the Baymeadows area, in January, he went to the store to check on the status of his coat and the store was closed.

"I was kind of shock to walk in and see a place that big closed," said Kaminski.

Kaminski said he went to see if his coat was sold. He made several attempts to reach the owner, Rebecca Weaver, even spoke with her briefly in February, but he still doesn't know.

"I don't know why when she pulled out she didn't contact people who had big items in there," he said.

What happened? Why was he not notified of the closing before hand? Kaminski said he has a lot of questions, but no answers and now no receipt.

"Ron made some big mistakes," he said, "on something that value to not get a sign delivered kind of thing. I made a big mistake."

Perhaps his most important question is where is his $4,000 fur coat? Was it sold? He wants to know.

"I want the coat back if she hasn't sold it. If she sold it, give me the money," he said.

When reached by phone, Weaver said in a brief conversation that her business experienced great difficulty.

"With all the road construction there," said Weaver, "it cut my business by fifty percent"

When asked why weren't customers notified of the closing, she said the responsibility is on the customer.

"My contract says they are suppose to contact me," said Weaver.

She said she has been trying to get in contact with Kaminski and has not been able to do so.

"I will be happy to discuss this with him," she said, "I tried more than once."

She said the coat has been sold and she has a check for him.

On Your Side gave her Kaminski's phone number and she said she will contact him.


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