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Homeowner fights city hall over property damage

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Property owners are surprised to learn that when there's a disaster involving trees the city has marked for removal or trimming help is not readily available.

"My house is still leaking in the corner and the living room," said Robert Daly.

Daly, 68, lives in the St. Nicholas community at the corner of Flesher Ave. and Wooddale Street.

Two years ago, before the break of dawn, a pretty big tree that sat in the city's right of way collapsed. It fell across Wooddale Street and landed on his home and his 2002 Ford Explorer.

"It woke me up," said Daly. "I could not get out of my house my neighbors had to help me out."

It destroyed his vehicle, did damage to his home and blocked the road from the school buses.

"The city was quick to remove it, but that is the last time I saw anyone from the city," he said.

The area is all cleaned up, except for the dead tree stump and the damage to the corner of his roof.

"I was hoping to get some compensation to fix my roof," said Daly.

Twice he made a trip to city hall and presented the facts to someone at the public information area, but Daly said each time his trip would end with no success.

"The lady said there was no record of the tree nor it falling," he said.

It is a humble home on the other side of the tracks and he said he's not asking for much, just his roof be repaired. He has no homeowners insurance. Even if he did he feels the city is liable.

"I am disappointed," said Daly, " I feel they're responsible because they were suppose to come back and cut it down but they never showed up."

Daly has since repaired the broken screens on his porch and repainted the walls, but said he can't do any more until his roof is repaired and that is what he was hoping the city would do.

"I just hope and pray they would do something for me," he said.

City Spokesperson Debbie Delgado said the city's Risk management division is now reviewing the case and it may take a few days to determine if this was proper claim and if it was denied.


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