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"We're Number One in the Number Two Business"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Do you pick up after your pet?  There's a company that's making a living off catching you not cleaning up your dog's mess, and they want to expand to Jacksonville. 

Apartment and townhome complex managers are constantly battling to find out who doesn't clean up after their pets.  If you don't clean up the mess, Bio Pet Vet Lab said their poo prints program will catch you.

"That's done through a simple cheek swab. They just swab the cheeks of the pet, send us the sample to the lab, and we process them," Eric Mayer of Bio Pet Vet Lab said.

That is, of course, if a dog owner agrees to give that kind of access to their pets DNA.  Some complexes require pet registry before you move in. 

"We make a match, then the property owner can consult the pet owner," Mayer said.

"I initially thought it was a good idea," Andy Narin of First Coast Scoopers said.  Narin cleans up after nearly 500 dogs per week, so he knows about dog waste.  

"We're number one in the number two business," he said.  He said he's talked to the dog DNA group before about possibly distributing their product.  "It just seemed like it would be too cost-prohibitive."

The costs do add up.  The initial DNA test is $30, then $10 for a sample kit and another $50 for an actual test of the suspicious waste.  That's leaving dog lovers like Berry Martin wondering if the bite doesn't match the bark of this DNA program. 

"It seems like a waste of time or a waste of money to do that," Martin said.

All the dog experts agree waste spreads disease and can seep into our ground water.  Narin points out that the best way to get people to pick up after their pets is to offer bags and waste stations in apartment complexes and public places that allow dogs.


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