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Superintendent Banks Sick and Vacation Time

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Duval County School Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals can expect a big check for unused sick and vacation time he accumulated over 36 years.

Calculations show the payout will top $300,000.   Government employees generally are allowed to bank and then cash in unused sick and vacation time. 

Pratt-Dannals, who announced his retirement after being informed by the school board his contract is not be renewed, will step down on December 31st.

School district spokesperson Jill Johnson says the superintendent as of February 29 has 413 hours of vacation and 2,025 hours of unused sick time.   Sick time is paid out at 94% of current pay.  Pratt-Dannals leaves as superintendent making $275,000 a year.

The district would not confirm the calculations, but only provided the hours of unused vacation and sick time.

Based on his salary, the sick time payout would top $251,000 with vacation time pushing nearly $55,000.

Mayor Alvin Brown says Pratt-Dannals served the community well, but that it is time to take local schools to the next level.

"We need a visionary leader," said Brown following a news conference at city hall.

The Duval County School Board says it is looking for a "transformational" leader.  Current a handful of school districts in Florida are looking a school superintendent.  Broward and Orange counties are in the final stage of the hiring process.


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