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A Pea To An Egg in Six Weeks?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville woman found out that breast cancers can grow fast. Really fast. Her lump went from a pea-size to the size of an egg in six weeks.

Good thing she was checking and doing self exams.  Terri Baldin has been doing Buddy Check faithfully. "Buddy Check saved my life," she says.

Terri says she was in the shower checking and felt a small lump like a pea.  That's a typical way women find breast cancer. The lump is usually hard or at least firm.

Terri says she was "shocked" when she was diagnosed, but now she has the date of her diagnosis in a tattoo on her neck.

Why? It's a way to celebrate her victory over a major battle.

"I beat cancer," she said. "Cancer didn't beat me."

Terri deserves a little treat now.  Kimberly Clarke Salon in San Marco invited Terri for a free make-over day. Now her natural red hair has some gloss and glow, her make-up "pops," and Terri is feeling pampered.

Big thanks to the folks at the salon for helping us celebrate another life saved in Buddy Check 12.

If you'd like a Buddy Check 12 kit, just call Baptist at 904-202-CARE (2273).



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