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Debby shuts down roadways, causes sinkholes

First Coast News is compiling a list of all the streets and roadways underwater, closed or otherwise affected by what is now Tropical Depression Debby.

Officials are still assessing the situation from overnight, and drivers are encouraged to use extra caution and not drive through flooded areas.

Here is a list of roadways affected at this time:

FHP traffic information page

Florida Department of Transportation traffic information

Per JSO (For more information about Jacksonville area road closings, check JSO's Twitter account):

Duval County :

Imeson Road and Pritchard Road.

Ortega Farms Boulevard and Timuquana Road.

118th Street west of Firestone Road

Pecan Park Road

Harrell Street

5800 Collins Road

SR 130 (103rd Street) westbound lanes partially closed.

SR 202 (Butler Blvd) eastbound ramp to SR A1A is closed.

US 1 (Kings Road) at the pump station is closed.

US 17 (Roosevelt Blvd) northbound ramp to I-10 is closed.

Per Clay County Sheriff's Office:

Baylor / Purdue impassable - signs posted.

Violet Way / Old Lawtey Rd - Huge WASHOUT - HAS BEEN TAPED OFF.

Horsetail just North of Cinnamon - Barricades Up.

Arora / Aquarius Concourse Impassable.

Bear Run / Blanding Blvd @ Tag Agency - Barricades Up.


CR 218 / Country Estates - CLOSED.

CR 218 / Nolan Rd - NOW OPEN.

Aquarius Conc / Blairmore - Deep Water.

Scenic Dr / Laurel Dr - Barricades Up.

Lazy Acres / Red Bug.

Lazy Acres / Sunrise Farms.

3700 Blk Main St (near north end).

Scenic Dr @ Tacoma

Wisteria, Laurel, & Yvonne Black Creek Dr @ Sandy Run, Creek St, & Becky St S Deer @ Gopher.

Thunder Rd / Lightning Ln S Lee Dr of Blanding Blvd Cornell Rd / Charter Pointe.

Per Baker County Sheriff's Office:

JB Hines Road.

North Canal Road.

Adams Road.

Palm Road.

Benny Givens Court.

CR 172 at Bluff Creek.

Cedar Creek Bridge.

Crews road.

Hassie Johns Road.

US 90 coming from Baker Correctional Institute.

Willie Wilkerson Road.

CR 228 South.

CR 127 - Sanderson Circle and Tony Givens Road.

CR 125 and Odis Yarborough.

CR 229 South and Mudlake.

Hamp Register Road.

Tony Norman Road.

Steel Bridge Road.

Smokey Road.

Reid Stafford Road.

CR 229 South and Clet Harvey Road.

CR 125 North at Wassie Fish Curve.

Mantown Area.

CR 229 South and Wiremill Road.

Claude Harvey Road.

LE Harvey Road.

Possom Trot Road.

John Mann Road.

CR 124 Sanderson.

John Williams Bridge closed.

Richardson Road closed.

Clete Harvey washed out.

Hess Keller

SR 121 at the Florida/Georgia line

Columbia County:

SR 47 at Mill Road.

SR 247 north of CR 240.

US 41 south of Lake City from CR 252 north for about one mile.

US 441 at US 41 split in Lake City.

US 441 north of CR 246 (Lassie Black Road) is closed to through traffic.  The Deep Creek Bridge is closed.

US 441 south of Lake City at the Rose Creek Bridge is partially closed.

The following is a list of road closures in Columbia County from the Columbia Emergency Operations Center:

Alfred Markham                                    
Anderson/Sabre (2550 Anderson about to be under water)                                    
April Road                                     
1553 NE Bascom Norris Drive (Southbound side of Bascom-Flooded West of Sapps Salvage)                                    
Bascom Norris/FAMU                                    
Beadie/Country Club                                    
Birley South of Geeza                                    
Business Point/State Road 47                                    
Carolyn and Kirby                                    
Chris Street                                    
Clemons/Marion (1039 to DOT)                                    
Colvin and Tammy are under water                                    
Colvin Avenue and Tammy Lane                                    
Country Club/Beadie                                    
Old Country Club Road                                    
Country Club/Hillpond                                    
County Line/Lake Jeffery                                    
County Road 131/Just South of County Road 240 (6")                                    
County Road 240                                    
County Road 240 at Grassland and Boyette                                  
3223 County Road 240                                    
County Road 240/State Road 247 All the way to County Road 131/Tustenuggee                                    
County Road 240/Mary                                    
County Road 245 and A139245A shut down                                    
County Road 25A/US Highway 441                                    
County Road 252 (just East of Country Club)                                    
County Road 252/Koonville                                    
1850 County Road 252                                    
County Road 349 and Haltiwanger                                    
Crews Glen and Rivers Road                                    
Cypress Lake on paved part and dirt part South of Charles                                    
Double Run/Sunnybrook                                    
Drew Grade                                    
Drew Road at US Highway 441 (Do not leave the hard top)                                    
Falling Creek/Mershon                                    
Falling Creek and Robinson Branch                                    
Fedora and Young Place (water over roadway and up to the houses)                                    
Grassland/County Road 240                                    
Gum Swamp/McCloskey                                    
Haltiwanger and County Road 349                                    
Interstate 10 East and West bound lanes closed from I-75 to US Highway 41                                    
Kirby and Carolyn                                    
Koonville/County Road 252                                    
Lake Jeffery/Scenic Lake (area of Woodboro Subdivision)                                    
Lake Jeffery/Ogden Loop (both entrances under water)                                    
Lake Jeffery-off lower springs                                    
Lake Jeffery/County Line                                    
South Marion by the high school is under water                                    
Marion/Clemons (1039 to DOT)                                    
Mershon/Falling Creek                                    
Nash Road A49just South of I-75                                    
Ogden Loop/Lake Jeffery (both entrances under water)                                    
Old Country Club Road                                    
Old Wire/Scout Glen                                    
Old Wire and Pathfinder                                    
Orbison Drive                                    
335 SW Otter Vech (tree down but can pass)                                    
Peacock Terrace is under water                                     
Price Creek (1/2 mile North of Chasteen)                                    
Riverside/South of Utah                                    
Rivers Road and Crews Glen                                    
Rossi Pounds Hammock (concrete is washed out)                                    
Saint Margaret from Main to McFarlane                                   
Sapps Salvage on US Highway 100A (Bascom Norris)                                  
Scenic Lake in curve                                    
Sisters Welcome/Lockheed (washed out)                                   
State Road 47 (in front of the Bingo Station)                                    
State Road 47 (just West of I-75 overpass-by 242)                                    
State Road 47 at US Highway 441                                    
State Road 47/Business Point                                    
State Road 247/County Road 240 All the way to CR 131/Tustenuggee (3 1/2' under water)                                    
State Road 247 in front of the fairgrounds is covered in water                                    
State Road 247 South of Dairy (2 sections approx 20' long under water)                                    
Sunnybrook and Double Run                                    
145 NW Tad Place (not accessible)                                    
NW Tad and NW Manito Road                                    
Tammy Lane and Colvin Avenue                                    
Timber Wolf and Academic Way                                    
357 Troy                                    
Tustenugge at Roosevelt Dicks                                    
US Highway 100A at Sapps Salvage (Bascom Norris)                                    
US Highway 41 at Interstate 10                                    
US Highway 441 in front of Club Roadeo                                    
US Highway 441/County Road 25A                                    
US Highway 441 at Drew Grade is 8" under water                                    
US Highway 441 just South of Deep Creek                                    
US Highway 441 and Tustenuggee at Dick's Trucking                                    
US Highway 441 Just South of Milton's                                    
US Highway 441 Southbound just South of the fire tower                                    
Ward/SR 47 under water                                   

Suwannee County:

US 90 in downtown Live Oak, east of US 129 in front of Wes Haney Chevrolet, just north of Pinewood Street, five miles west of Live Oak.

US 129 in downtown Live Oak, north of 136, also north of O'Brien, south of CR 252 and just south of the landfill is closed.  Partial closure at McMillian Dairy and 2.5 miles south of McAlpin.

Nassau County:

Lisa Avenue is generally impassable, except for high clearance vehicles.

North Fletcher is open with some spots of shallow standing water.

US 301 between Summerfield Lane and Otis Road - Brandy Branch Bridge closed in Bryceville.

Per St. Johns County Emergency Management:

Seaside Circle (Closed to heavy trucks; roadbed compromised)
Shands Pier (Open; road eroded)

If you see a flooded roadway, you can email us or post photos and videos to our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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