Movie lovers flock to see Dark Knight one day after shooting | News

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Movie lovers flock to see Dark Knight one day after shooting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Movie goers were flocking the area theaters to see the Dark Knight Rises Saturday, despite the Colorado theater shooting just one day earlier.

Employees at the San Marco Theater said even their matinee showing of the movie was crowded with more than a hundred people buying tickets.

The small theater can only show one movie at a time, so if Batman fans had stayed home, it would have been a big financial blow. 

People at the theater said they did have some concerns about going to the movie so soon after the tragedy in Colorado. 

"I think everybody had that thought going through their head a little bit," explained Michael Lefevre, who saw the 3:15 p.m. showing.   "There were some jokes we could hear someone saying when we walked out. Someone said, 'At least we didn't get shot,' but that's in poor taste and if you thought that way about everything you'd probably never leave the house."

Many movie fans felt that any perceived threat was an overreaction. 

"It's a movie. It's fun. Everybody knows crazy people do crazy things, but I don't think that's going to let it ruin everyone's Saturday," said Lefevre. 


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