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Record Labor Day Weekend gas prices

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You may have already noticed, gas prices are up this weekend.  According to AAA, prices at the pump are higher than any other Labor Day Weekend.  It's partly because problems at some refineries, Hurricane Isaac and demand

Monday's national average was $3.83.  Here in Jacksonville, the average was $3.73.

Gas prices have become such a pain for Daniel Green, he's created a new slogan for them. "I think the price is driven by greed, more than need," Green said. Now he said he's stuck between a truck and a hard place. "That thing (truck) is sending me to the poor house."

He said he can't afford to buy a new car, and he can't afford these gas prices.  He said, "And it keeps me pretty much broke."

Keith Parris has to drive his gas guzzling van to his landscaping jobs all day. "It costs me a lot of money per day. I'm paying $40 to $50 per day just for gas," he explained.

He said because of the competitive nature of his industry, he can't pass these higher prices on to his customers, so he's forced to make other types of cuts. Parris said, "I don't buy as many work clothes as I normally do. I will have holes in it and stuff like that before I even buy anything new."

Some are lucky enough to have someone else pay to fill up. Curtis Mann said, "I can't afford it. That's why I have a company credit card that pays for my work van."

Analysts say prices should start coming down, now that the busy driving season is just about over. They are also predicting a slow drop as we get closer to the holidays.



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