Young Black Republicans cross state lines for Florida election | News

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Young Black Republicans cross state lines for Florida election

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Two dozen young black Republicans from South Georgia are making the trip to Jacksonville to promote their beliefs in a battleground state.

The teens are part of the Gold Isle Minority Republican caucus and are crossing the state line for a lesson in civics and politics by working to get out the Republican message.

They will work in and around the San Marco business district. 

"I personally believe in a hand up, not a hand out," said 17 year-old Anntwan Jones, who is one of the teens making the trip. "I believe you have to work for everything you need, whatever you want."

Ken Adkins organized the political trip that he said had not been without challenges.

"We've had some notes left on our door. I received some calls, I've been told not to do it," said Atkins.

Rachel McKieg, who attended the First Lady's campaign stop in Jacksonville on Thursday, says she has no plans to waver in her support for President Obama.

"I'm from Northeast and a really Democratic upbringing. So I just don't believe in things for my generation that the Republicans are trying to do," said the recent college graduate.

The Young Black Republicans from Brunswick realize not everyone shares their beliefs, but they wanted to be involved in an election in a battleground state that could impact who goes to the White House. 


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