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San Marco residents want a grocery store

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Is there a grocery store in your neighborhood? People in San Marco say, "No." And they're demanding a place to shop.

There's a Publix Super Markets sign that's been creating buzz in the neighborhood for years. San Marco native Joanne asked, "Are they going to go through with it?"

That's the burning question in San Marco. At first, people were excited when they saw the sign at the corner of Hendricks Avenue and Atlantic Boulevard. But that was years ago. It meant the return of a place to buy food in their close-knit neighborhood.

Donnelly Rembert exclaimed, "Grocery store, grocery store, grocery store. And I say that three times because when my husband was growing up in San Marco, we had three grocery stores. No more groceries."

But now the sign is just a reminder of what is missing. A spokesman from Publix explained they still have interest and want to open a store in this location, but they are dependent on the developer of the project.

A project that would include condos. And because of the soft market, now is not the best time to try and sell San Marco living.  There are also zoning factors that developers would have to address in the surrounding intersections.

"Because there's one in Riverside and it's small and it's kind of a congested parking lot," neighbor Donna Rettini said.

Up the street on Hendricks, another sign teases new retail shops. The developer of this project told us they have had delays with the City, and they are searching for another national tenant to help anchor their new center, which they hope will open by the end of April.


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