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Protect your home from holiday break-ins

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This is one of the busiest times of year for home break-ins. Thieves know people go out of town, and they are searching neighborhoods for that perfect home.

This year, Marcus Prom is having his family at his house for Christmas, but in years past, he has traveled. "All the time," he said.

So he's memorized the checklist on what you should do to protect your home if you leave during the holidays. It's a checklist police and insurance agencies promote this time of year.

"Leave your lights on. Turn them off and on different times. Leave some on inside your house. Leave your television on. Move your cars around, and just tell your neighbors, the neighbors that you trust," Prom said.

Everything Prom does is affordable, easy and could save you from being a victim of a holiday nightmare. While you may want to share your amazing holiday with friends on social media, remember, it may not only be those you know who can see your posting about your great trip out of town. Crime rings focus on certain websites, trying to figure out who is not at home.

Don't forget: After you open your holiday gifts, you may not want to put the boxes from your new electronics in front of your house. It's almost an advertisement for thieves, who may be doing some of their own shopping.

Police also recommend videotaping your valuables, just in case. That way, you will have an easier time working with your insurance company if someone does break into your home.


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