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Local jeweler creates the Vita Chef

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In a San Marco building off Hendricks Avenue you'll find an innovative new food appliance. A production studio was built for the Vita-Chef. It's a steamer skillet that was created by Guy Beard, founder of Beard's Jewelers. "I've been casting, fabricating and machining precious metals pretty much the last 30 years. So it's just a different metal. It's a bigger item," says Beard.

Beard says the Vita-Chef can steam, roast, bake, grill, sauté and smoke almost any food. The result is a healthier and tastier dish. "When you steam food the way we're steaming it all the fats come out of the food item and drain down into the bottom so you're not cooking in those fats. Turkey burgers when you put them on the grill become dried out. Turkey burgers on the Vita-Chef stay moist."

Beard built the production studio to shoot cooking videos. That way, customers who buy the product can see how to prepare meals on the company's website. Beard says other steamers are on the market but claims his is more versatile and more durable. It's made from reinforced titanium. You can cook shrimp one minute, smoke salmon the next. "You put the wood chips in first and then this layer on top and you just put your salmon right on top of it and it's ready to steam."

You can also bake a cake for dessert. The Vita-Chef, created in Jacksonville, marketed to the world.

You can buy the Vita-Chef online for as low as $199. Beard says he's also trying to secure a spot on the Home Shopping Network. In addition, look for it in stores soon.


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