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Ronald McDonald House Gets New Landscaped Courtyard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - About 30 area landscapers worked for two days and donated the plants to create a beautiful new courtyard at the Ronald McDonald House in San Marco.

The charity project was sponsored by the Northeast Florida Nursery Growers and Landscapers Association.

"With kids and families coming from all over the world visiting the Ronald McDonald House, we thought it would be  a nice thing to do," said Chip Brickell of the NFNGLA. " A lot of the stuff was getting old. We designed a new look. We let some of the kids plant and they enjoyed it, and can go home and tell their friends they helped create a new healing garden for many people to enjoy in the future."

"This is truly a blessing," said director Joy Hardaker. "The families staying here try enjoy their time outdoors away from the hospital so we are thrilled this group chose this project. It will brigten the lives of all who spend their time here."

Linda Greiff of Tampa is a frequent visitor from Tampa, coming to the RMH for about six years.  "It is awesome. It is going to be so beautiful and my daughter Linda Louise will enjoy it. "


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