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Governor Scott Stops for Food, Gets Booed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A dinner in San Marco Tuesday night came to a rather unpleasant end for Governor Rick Scott.

A small group of people waited for two hours outside the Taverna restaurant hoping to speak with Scott about the education budget.

They never got the chance. 
He walked by them without a word and drove away.

We followed up with the Governor's office on Wednesday and a spokesperson said the the Governor was in San Marco for dinner. Prior to eating, he did speak with numerous people near Starbucks. At the end of the dinner and what the office says was a long day, the Governor simply deicided he wanted to go rest and and did not address the protestors. 

Scott's approval ratings have dropped precipitously since his election.
Many, like Adam Pearthree, pointed to his cuts in education as a major reason.

"I hope that other people are not discouraged from letting their voices be heard, and that, if you have the opportunity, to please let your voice be known.  Let him know that we do not want these cuts to our education and social programs, that government is not a business and that we need to make changes in this state.  But the ones that he's making are ones that negatively affect all of us and our future, and we don't want it to happen," said Pearthree.

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