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City Tackling $60 Million Budget Shortfall
City Tackling $60 Million Budget Shortfall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- City Hall is busy crunching the numbers to trim $60 million to prepare a balanced budget for the next mayor.

Mayor John Peyton, who is leaving office, is having his staff prepare a balanced budget that calls for no tax increase for the next mayor who will take office in July.

Last year, the city wrestled with a revenue shortfall with a combination of cutting spending and increasing the property tax rate by 8 percent.

The city's next mayor will be in office just two weeks before having to unveil spending priorities for the new year.

Bobby Dean is a taxpayer who wants city leaders to hold the line on spending and taxes.

"Everybody has to make the government a little bit smaller...everybody had had to sacrifice, let them sacrifice a little bit," said Dean, who works in construction.

Next week, the city will hold the first of five community budget workshops to get ideas from taxpayers on spending priorities.

The city council in July will begin reviewing the new mayor's proposed budget and will adopt a spending plan that starts on October 1.

Jacksonville has an operating budget that approaches $1 billion a year.


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