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Status of 17,364 Duval Voters Changes From Active to Inactive

Duval County Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland, is announcing that 17,364 voters have been moved from “active” voter status, to “inactive.” This brings the total number of active voters in Duval County to 513,955. The total number of inactive voters is now 52,638.

A voter is identified as “inactive” after the Supervisor of Elections Office has received pieces of returned undeliverable mail from the U.S. Postal Service, including a final notice that specifies their status will change.  This occurs when a voter has moved to another address, another city, or another state and has not updated their voter registration information with the Supervisor of Elections Office.

"I want to remind voters that when they move to a new address, it is extremely important that they update their new information with the Elections Office in order to avoid being placed in an ‘inactive’ status and eliminate possible confusion when the inactive voter goes to vote," said Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland.

“In order for a voter to return to ‘active’ status, they must notify our office with their updated address, request an absentee ballot, or vote early or on Election Day. Our office will, in turn, issue them a new voter registration card reflecting the change of address and correct precinct where that voter must vote,” said Holland.

Inactive Voters will be allowed to vote in the Jacksonville First Election on March 22nd, but they may be required to complete an updated Voter Registration Application before they can be given a ballot, and Florida Election Laws require voters to vote only in the precinct in which they live. Voters who update their registration in the wrong precinct will be issued a Precinct Pass and will be directed to their proper voting location.

Duval County Voters can check their status, precinct location and get a new Voter Registration Application by visiting:


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