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Fla. Home Inspectors Must Now Have State License
Fla. Home Inspectors Must Now Have State License

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Home inspector Dave Sorge was on the job today with another home inspection to complete. 

Five years ago when he started "Inspect -it 1st," his industry was unregulated and tainted by shoddy home inspections. "The free market weeded out those guys that don't belong," he said. 

And a new law that makes every inspector get a state license, will make it even more difficult for a bad inspector to remain in business, he said.  "Is licensing really the cure for substandard performance? We'll see," he said. 

But the grandfathering of longtime inspectors, Sorge said, allows inspectors to be licensed with the most minimum qualifications.

"You could conceivably get a home inspector who has never performed a home inspection yet is qualified and licensed," said Sorge.

Potential clients should ask for a state license and ASHI Certification before hiring a home inspector, he said.

For Sorge, who is also vice president of the Florida chapter of ASHI, the certification means the inspector meets one of the highest standards.

"Those inspectors will be licensed and will be certified with some experience," said Sorge.

Also check for proof of liability insurance, he said. It is now required as well as a written report.

"The intent of the legislation is to protect the consumer. It is too early to see if it will have the consequence that everyone hopes it will," said Sorge.

Choosing an inspector simply means finding someone to objectively provide a solid analysis of the home's major systems and components. This is not a pass or fail inspection, it only documents that the systems in the home are performing properly or if they need repair or replacement.

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