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San Marco Streetscape Project on Hold for the Holidays
San Marco Streetscape Project on Hold for the Holidays

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The contractor redesigning much of San Marco Boulevard is taking a break to give businesses and their customers better access to the area.

The San Marco Streetscape project is on hold through Jan. 2, allowing two-way traffic along the entire span of San Marco Boulevard with no construction equipment or detours.

The stoppage is beyond what was required, according to the contractor.

"Our contracted obligations for the project were to halt construction for one week at Thanksgiving and two weeks at Christmas," said Ryan Schmitt, president of Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, Inc.  "However, we understand the significant economic impact this time of year has on the bottom line of area businesses.  We believe allowing for additional time without construction detours is a good investment into the community."

The contractor also announced plans to stay on schedule despite the extended break.

The project began in September 2010, and four of nine phases are complete.  the overall completion date for the project remains fall 2012.

The streetscape project includes a redesigned road with roundabouts replacing traffic lights at Naldo and Landon avenues, plus new storm drains, sewer and water mains, buried electric lines and new landscaping and lighting.

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