Sinking ship no longer leaking oil into St. Johns

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An oil spill from a ship sinking into the St. Johns River triggered a U.S. Coast Guard investigation Tuesday evening.

The retired river boat, dubbed the Lady St. Johns, partially sank in the St. Johns River at some point Tuesday afternoon. It had been docked near the Chart House, a restaurant.

Man killed after driving into St. Johns River

ID=13471641JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 76-year-old is dead after his vehicle ended up in the St. Johns River early Friday morning.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said a witness at the south bank boat ramp in the 1000 block of Museum Circle Drive saw a van go into the water around midnight.

Off-duty officer, Mark Muchowicz, who First Coast News has learned lives in the San Marco area and was on his way home from a side job at a local hospital, heard the emergency call go out and responded to the scene.

Homeowner fights city hall over property damage

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Property owners are surprised to learn that when there's a disaster involving trees the city has marked for removal or trimming help is not readily available.

"My house is still leaking in the corner and the living room," said Robert Daly.

Daly, 68, lives in the St. Nicholas community at the corner of Flesher Ave. and Wooddale Street.

Customer looking for fur coat in consignment shop that is closed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Ron Kaminski, 75, has had his share of mistakes but said this is one he regrets.

"It it was a hundred dollars, I would have wrote it off as a bad experience," he said, "but being it was four thousand brand new."

Kaminski said last November, he decided to get rid of a fur coat, the remnant of a failed relationship.

"I bought it for a lady friend and we broke up and I ended up with the fur coat," he said.

Kaminski, who was living in the San Marco community, met the owner of the now closed consignment shop My Best Friend's Closet.

"She said it was such a beautiful coat she might be able to get me a good price," he said. "I said 'fine.'"

Kaminski said in December he moved from San Marco to the Baymeadows area, in January, he went to the store to check on the status of his coat and the store was closed.

Man arrested for painting messages on public property

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Driving through San Marco, you likely have seen graffiti on several traffic control utility boxes. On Tuesday afternoon, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested Kevin "Chip" Southworth in connection with that graffiti.

First Coast News spoke to Southworth in January about the images appearing on the traffic control boxes, but at the time Southworth just called himself "Keith Haring's Ghost."

He told FCN's Heather Crawford the graffiti had a pretty clear meaning.

The message behind San Marco, Riverside street art

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Street art has become quite the talk around town, and if you drive through San Marco and Riverside it's hard to miss.

"In Jacksonville a lot of people do things and ask for forgiveness later. So I gave the city a bunch of beautiful art and now I'm kind of asking for forgiveness," explains a local artist who calls himself "Keith Haring's Ghost".

He's speaking out about why he has painted city-owned property without asking for permission.

"This is the way they looked just absolutely destroyed gray box, gray spray paint all over it...I live not far from here and I pull through this area all the time and I'm like those are perfect canvasses," said the artist.

With a bandana covering his face, and wearing a hat and glasses in hopes of concealing his identity, "Keith Haring's Ghost" because he says he doesn't want this to be about him.

I-95 entrance ramps from Atlantic Blvd. open

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two heavily traveled entrance ramps to Interstate 95 Northbound that were closed Thursday morning have reopened Friday.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the ramps from Atlantic Boulevard leading to I-95 Northbound buckled under the weight of a construction crane overnight Thursday, causing a closure of both ramps leading to the freeway.

Florida Department of Transportation spokesman, Michael Goldman, said crews were working on sheet piling near the road when the vibrations caused an eight to nine inch depression in the roadway. The depression is the result of a void between the pavement and the soil from the original construction of the ramps, Goldman added.

New concrete was delivered Thursday, but took several hours to fix the depression in the roadway.

FHP's website also indicated that the on ramp leading from Philips Highway to I-95 is closed.