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Want to Run on the Moon? Anti-Gravity Workout Here in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A running coach in Jacksonville has brought an anti-gravity workout to the First Coast.

Paul McRae trains runners from beginning level up to elite with Personal Running Solutions. 

For the last eight weeks he's been operating the Alter-G treadmills, which gives the sensation of anti-gravity by making you feel much lighter as you run.

"When runners on the road get injured, they get discouraged and they stop," he said. "This is a way that I know I can get them in here, keep them running and keep them fit."

It's basically running on a treadmill, but you're surrounded by a pressurized, airtight bubble.

When air pressure is added, you're given a bit of a lift off the conveyor of the treadmill. 

"And you can be up to 80 percent less in weight, which is like running on the moon," McRae said.

It allows those who are injured, or even just getting into running, to try a very low impact version of the sport.

McRae said runners can work out longer and at a higher pace on this machine. "You still get the cardio exercise, because you're doing the same movements as running, just without the impact on your joints," he said.

Right now he's operating three of the Alter-G treadmills in a gym inside the Southside Baptist Church, but he said he's planning on opening up another gym at the Beach.

MORE: Information on signing up and trying the Alter-G.


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