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Kids Forge Ahead With Garden Despite Lack of Rain

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Beautiful blue skies, above normal temperatures and no rain. That's about the perfect weather for having an outdoor party.

It was beautiful outside while faculty, preschoolers and the parents of Jacksonville Jewish Center officially opened their sustainable children's garden.

"We have rain barrels donated by the River Keeper and an area for compost," said parent volunteer Claudia Margolis.

The students have planted flowers as well as vegetables that will be harvested and eaten there on campus.

But in a couple major parts of the garden, the rain barrels, remain empty.

"Yes, we would love some rain. We can do a rain dance," Margolis said.

Right now Jacksonville is about 4 inches below normal for this time of year. We've only registered .09 inches of rain since January 1.

So they'll use other irrigation for now, but plan on making it a fully closed, recycling system.   

"The kids are learning about the full circle chain of events in life."


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