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Businesswoman Seeks Girl Who Stole Donation Jar

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Maria DeSimone takes it personally when someone steals from children so she is doing everything she can to find a teenager who scooped up $130 in a jar destined for Wolfson Children's Hospital.

Desimone is manager and co-owner of Orange Tree Hot Dogs in Mandarin Corners.

She angry because a young girl, believed to be a teenager, ran off with the  money around 6:30 Wednesday evening just moments after she ordered food. She took the jar over by the drink machine and Desimone says she opened the jar and dumped all the money in her purse.  She then sat down with her friends for thirty seconds and then headed out the door, running as she got outside.

DeSimone has posted the surveillance video she got on You Tube and Facebook.

"That kind of thing cannot go unnoticed. You steal from children, I take it personally. I put it on You Tube, Facebook, my friends have shared it, it is a pyramid now. I hope the girl can be caught."

Desimone was collecting the money in honor of her grandmother who passed away last year. Eunice Gooding founded the Women's Auxiliary at Baptist Hospital and later Wolfson and was president of both.

"This was our way to remember her and continue what she did so much for the hospital, not only did she take from the children she took from my grandmother's memorial so that is two strikes. It had about 130 dollars. I had counted it the previous day and was getting ready to put in a envelope the next morning."

"That is terrible," said customer Kristin McCarthey. "I actually am very thankful for Wolfson Children's Hospital. I have had juvenile diabetes since I was 12. I used to go there until I was 18. It's one thing to steal money from somewhere, but a donation jar, that's ridiculous."

Desimone says people have been very generous. "I've already gotten several 20s put into the jar from those who saw the video."

If anyone has any information they can call Crimestoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477).


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