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Floodwaters all over the First Coast

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Heavy rains left high water in many areas around the First Coast, blanketing the area.

It seemed like water was everywhere. Viewers sent us pictures of high water in Lake Asbury, Fleming Island, and Yulee. 

The southside of Jacksonville got large amounts of rain. More than 8 inches of rain in 24 hours left Bahia Drive near Craig Field under more than 2 foot of water, and left drivers Steven Whitkop having to call a  tow truck.

"I thought I could make it," said Whitkop. "It was about 3 feet deep. That wasn't the case unfortunately. I had another car in front of me, it stopped and I didn't make it."

For some young people in the neighborhood, it was a chance to splash around in the deep stuff and have a little fun.

"I haven't been able to get anywhere all day long," said Barbara Duncan who lives near McCoys Creek.  

As usual it flooded along McCoys Creek, with several blocks underwater east and west of King Street. 

"We have seen about 5 cars get stuck going through the water today," said Duncan.

Byron Mervis , who calls himself a weather buff, was in the area to see if it flooded again. "I know the city spent a lot of money on retention ponds here and it still floods. It really is a shame for the people that do live here. Thank God I don't but it is a terrible shame for those who do. "

The city dug retention ponds nearby to help prevent flooding but the ponds were overflowing into the creek and into the roadway. Duncan wishes the city could do more.

"I just feel like more needs to be done, more ditches, make something happen because this flood water is causing lots of trouble, a lot of damages, I feel the city should do more."

David Hull has lived on King Street the last 17 years and grew up in the area. He says the flooding is very frustrating, but it is what happens afterward that is worse, what they have been dealing with after previous heavy rains.

"We are eat up with mosquitoes, we are eat up with trash that is left behind. The thing we need is somebody to help us with mosquitoes, we're going to get West Nile."  Duncan added, "Mosquitoes are biting , it's just driving everybody crazy."    



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